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Wellness experiences enriched with local elements

Service Menu

Wellness experiences enriched with local elements

What to expect

PHE Spa, by Aegeo Spas, offers a luxurious spa and fitness experience during your stay at NYX Limassol. Our service menu is our most precious offering. It reflects our experience and knowledge, the Greek heritage passed on through the ages. We have developed it with great care to offer you love and unforgettable relaxing experiences through a voyage to Greece of past and present. We have gathered the best ingredients and the most distinctive fragrances that will take your senses to every corner of Greece.

Rejuvenate your body and mind and give yourself the relaxation time you deserve. Facilities include Spa, sauna, steam room, as well as access to a fully equipped all day gym.


We’ve created a signature line of cosmetics that allows you to take your spa memories back home

Sunscreen Face and Body Cream​

Face Serum with anti-age actives

Body Sculpture Serum

Eye and Lip Area Cream

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