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Your visit to our space commences with a presentation of our treatments, cabins and overall services. Your lifestyle, mood and needs are discussed before crafting a customized wellness experience to enjoy alone or with a partner, companion, or family member. Our mission is to take you to a journey of the senses and help you recharge in a warm beautifully designed space with a stimulating aroma, relaxing sounds, professional therapists and to top it all off a hot beverage of local herbs.

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Visit us with your spa ticket and enjoy an additional free 15’ minutes of the treatment you have booked!


We’ve created a signature line of cosmetics that allows you to take your spa memories back home

Eye and Lip Area Cream

Face Serum with anti-age actives

Sunscreen Face and Body Cream

Body Sculpture Serum

A Gift from Us
Just ask us when you visit us!
A Gift from Us
Just ask us when you visit us!
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